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"A few things I would like to say about working with Jeremy Clark, He makes the model feel very confident! Which is so important with these sort of pictures. Also when you shoot with him he will let you know what works and what doesn't in a polite way, but for the most part he basically just lets you do your own thing.  He is a photographer that will never ask you to go further than what you as the model are comfortable with. I have been modeling for almost a year and a half now, I am 20 years of age and I can say that the photo shoot you can expect is a professional one. He would show me shots from the camera right after a pose to let me see if I liked it or not. These are things not every photographer is willing to do. His brand only wants models who are proud of the work they have accomplished with him, and I can see he makes that a priority. He does send his images over to another editor and does not personally edit the images himself. I feel that His editor does a good job at cleaning up the images and bringing out colors in the photos. Also models can expect to see watermarks on their images with his brands initials, some photographers do, some do not, but I didn't mind the placements of the watermarks. I feel he put them in places they did not draw attention away from the image. I hope this review is helpful to you as a model considering to work with Jeremy Clark and expand your modeling portfolio with some artistic edge concepts!"

Sincerely Model Taylor Huffman 

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